Happy winter everybody!  I've got a doozy (sp?) of a wedding from July to warm you up.  (Just because I'm blogging more recently doesn't mean I'm any where CLOSE to caught up... someday.)

Madison and Alex (two huge Kentucky Wildcats) had one of those weddings that you can't erase from your brain if you tried.  Not that you'd want to try.  Because it was amazing. 

I've never been to a fraternity party.  But after experiencing firsthand Madison and Alex's wedding reception, I've got a pretty good idea what I missed out on in my younger days. 

I'd like to make a few comments before the images.

- Older folks and selfy sticks make me laugh.
- I LOVE the way Alex looked at Madison all day.
- How about all those bridesmaids... you all are awesome!
- Yes... Alex has a twin.  When in doubt, Alex is the one with the white bow tie. 
- The mother son dance was insane.  Future grooms take note.
- There may or may not have been flying pizza during the reception.
- This group really knows how to celebrate.  Pom poms, groomsmen convincing bartenders to let them bring trays full of drinks to the dance floor, hoisting people up in the air like Green Day concert... the list goes on.  And so did this wonderful wedding.