There were so many things to love about photographing Katy and Justin's wedding last July.

- The tears as Katy read Justin's sweet letter. 
- The look on Justin's face as he realized that Katy had gotten him a 23 year old bottle of Pappy.
- The roughly four pounds I lost from the HEAT!
- The kids!  (Just wait, you'll see what I'm talking about.)
- Observing Katy's special relationship with her father.
- Watching those who love Katy get emotional as they watched the father daughter dance.
- Justin and his boys were a riot.
- Getting access to the super intimate, beautiful moment right after Katy and Justin committed to unconditionally love one another for the rest of their lives.  It was amazing!  (See the images that were shot through a crack in the door below.)
- Justin and his boys get their fiddling on toward the end of the night!