Two blog posts in one week?  What's gotten into me?

When Matia and I talked on the phone about her upcoming fourth of July wedding, I knew I had to be involved.  She told me their incredible "we met on a flight when I least expected it" story and what she had planned for her fourth of July wedding at Spindletop Mansion in Lexington.  And how Andrew is in the horse business and how he's got family flying in from all over the world for the wedding. 

The wedding did not disappoint.  These two were styling, expressive and incredibly sweet toward one another which made documenting the wedding a sheer joy.  Not to mention two adorable flower girls and a classy getaway car.  (Note: if you want to make your wedding photographer smile, have adorable kids in the wedding and a classic car... among other things of course.)

I love telling people's stories through a collection of photographs.  Here is theirs.