Buckle up.  Leah and Nishil's wedding will throw you in the back of your seat.  Joy.  Color.  Emotion.  (Wait 'til you see Nishil respond to seeing Leah for the first time.)

Two days.  Two ceremonies.  Two parties.  Confetti canons.  Fancy cars.  White horses.  Dare I say epic Bollywood videos featuring the bridal party.  Flash dances.  Adhesive facial hair.  Guys with fancy drums dropping serious beats.  And I'm still not sure that they were celebrated enough.  

Hindu Wedding Ceremony: Hindu Temple of Kentucky // Christian Wedding Ceremony: Louisville Belvedere Courtyard //  Wedding Reception: The Galt House Hotel // Wedding Planner: Louisville Belles Event Management // Wedding Videographer: Antonio Pantoja // Makeup: Michaela Reeves of The Beauty Patrol