It's always my hope that the collection of photographs I give my clients will bless them is some lasting and significant way.  I imagine my clients looking at their wedding album years down the road and remembering how wonderfully dear their friends and families are to them.  Or how much fun they had at their wedding.  Or how strikingly beautiful their spouse is on the inside and out.  Or that my clients' children will look at the images and see the truest parts of their parents and grandparents.  But every once in a while, my clients truly bless me. 

I learned so much my time with Bea, Jaazi and their families.  First of all, was their gratitude.  They had a genuine thankful spirit towards me, as if I was giving up something to be shooting their wedding in Puerto Rico.  (If they only knew how grateful I was to be with them!) Second was their affection for one another.  They look at each other.  They admire one another.  They look out for one another.  It was beautiful.  Third and most significant to me was their deep care for their families.  I have a vivid memory that I hope I never forget.  We had all finished the wedding rehearsal and Jaazi's grandmother was sitting in a chair taking it easy.  Jaazi quickly found her, knelt down to her and began rubbing her back.  His love and admiration for her were strikingly evident as he spent time speaking with her as if no other thing in the world mattered at that point in time.  This kind of moment repeated itself early and often throughout the course of the week.  It made me remember my grandparents.  Grandma Jean especially.  I really miss her.  It also inspired me to value my family for the treasures that they are. 

I'm getting carried away.  Let's get on to the good stuff.  I hope you enjoy experiencing this incredible wedding through these photographs. 

Wedding Venue: The Surf Lawn and Surf Room at Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve // Wedding Planner: Anne Marie Kleis Events //  Makeup: Enrique Iglesias of Bloom Salon  //  Ceremony Music: Dan Serbanescu  //  DJ: Juan Cuenco  //  Wedding Band: Cuenta Regresiva  //  Flowers: Flora by Arquetipo  //  Cakes: Lourdes Cakes  //  Photographer: Todd Pellowe  //  Cinematography: Raymond Vega