Meet the crew.



AKA: Dad

Job: I shoot brides and grooms.

Likes: Burritos (Qdoba or Chipotle or any others... I don't discriminate), bursts of laughter, anything outside, coffee (preferably sunergos), wide open spaces, loud music, reading stories to my children (latest is an American Girl mystery called "Traitor at the Shipyard"... SUSPENSE!)



AKA : Em, Mama

Job: She is the beauty and the brains of the operation.

Likes: Her good looking photographer husband (can you guess who's writing this?), anything colorful and bright, Crossfit and family vacations to the beach, board games with friends, healthy stuff like quinoa and almonds (although she told me to write that she can also get into some serious desserts).


AKA: Bunks, B, Bunkies

Job: Watchdog (he's small, but he has a big bark)

Likes: Blankets, comforters, pillows, anything soft and warm, patches of sunlight on the floor, doorbells, pattering feet on the kitchen floor, attention from the kids, fireplaces, people food, squirrels and the shih tzu next door. 




Job: She's the alarm clock.

Likes: Pretending she's Leisl from The Sound of Music, asking me "God questions", counting to silly big numbers, reading mysteries, jumping, tumbling and twirling, having long words written on her back before bed.


AKA: Lele

Job: Chief Executive Smiler

Likes: Any animal whatsoever, swimming (I swear she's growing fins), sneaking food from the pantry, learning about famous African Americans, skirts and dresses, anything you can put in your hair, sneaking up on dad when I'm in the office working.

Grant & Quinn

AKA: The twins

Job: Recreational Companions

Likes: Trips to the golf course with dad, golf carts, golf shirts, popcorn at the golf course, three woods (are you picking up on a theme?), preschool, holding their breath under water in the tub, wii bowling.